The popular southwestern coast of Ibiza

This iconic image graces practically every postcard: Es Vedrà, the uninhabited rocky island shrouded in myths, miracles, magnetism and magic – and the most beautiful Balearic sunset. This is perhaps the most stunning spot on Ibiza: no wonder the southwest coast is popular among nature lovers. Although not far from Ibiza Town, it feels like you are all alone in the world.


Descend to the flooded city of Atlantis

Pirate towers, pine tree forests, coastal trails along the limestone cliffs, protected coves with secluded beaches and always a great view of the magnificent rock that rises from the sea: the southwest coast of Ibiza offers numerous attractions. According to legend, Es Vedrà is the Siren Island described in Homer’s Odyssee. Ships’ compasses go haywire and people often observe light circles and UFOs. The explanation for these phenomena is the high concentration of metals and minerals, making this the third most magnetic location in the world. The uninhabited rocky island cannot be visited, but another magical place named Atlantis can be reached after a significant climb. Locals like to keep this place a secret and never reveal the exact location, but fortunately there is Google Maps. Some believe this is the tip of the famous flooded city, while other less romantic souls think it’s just an old rock quarry. Regardless of what you believe, it is a great spot to wade in the natural pool, heated by the sun.

Getting around the southwest

Public transportation is practically non-existent on Ibiza: the best way to reach the southwest of the island is by rental car. It is only a 30 minute drive from Ibiza Town or Sant Antoni. Then park the car and continue on foot. Be sure to bring a hiking map, water and sunscreen. Stop at a beach restaurant in small bays, such as Cala d’Hort. A popular sunset spot is Punta de Sa Pedrera, a limestone rock platform at a dizzying height, right across from Es Vedrà. At the end of the day, tourists arrive to enjoy this spectacular free nature show with a bottle of cold cava.

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